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Beef Liver - Sliced @ 3/8"

This superfood is packed full of nutrients, minerals and vitamins! Our butcher slices the Beef Liver into 3/8" pieces. There will be approximately 3-5 slices in a 1 lb package.
$ 5.69

Beef Short Ribs

Our Beef Short Ribs are cut from the lower belly "plate" section of ribs. Our butcher trims and separates them into a nice individual size, perfect for everyday cooking!
$ 16.49

Beef Tongue

This tender and flavorful delicacy is super versatile and easy to cook with! You'll receive 1 whole beef tongue per package.
$ 19.73

Marrow Bone

These large Marrow bones are cut at 4 inches and are great for making Bone Broth. Dogs love them too! You'll receive 1 bone per package.
$ 3.35

Soup Bone with meat

Our butcher trims these soup bones leaving some meat still attached to the bones. They are the perfect base for making your favorite soup or a healthy bone broth or stew!
$ 8.39

Beef Shanks

Great for making nourishing Soups and Bone Broth! You'll receive 2 meaty beef shanks per package.
$ 10.31


Use grass-fed Suet for pie crusts, pastries and more! You'll receive a 1 lb package of fresh, un-rendered suet per package.
$ 2.39


Grass-fed Oxtail is used for soups, stews and many appetizing recipes from all around the world!
$ 18.78

Beef Knuckle Bone

These giant knuckle bones are cut into manageable 1 lb pieces. Add them to flavor and thicken a stew, or give a nutrient boost to your next batch of Bone Broth!
$ 5.59

Beef Heart

Adding organ meats into your diet, like Grass-fed Beef Heart, is a healthy choice! Our butcher trims off the fat and silver skin from around the heart so it is ready to be cooked when you receive it.
$ 35.51

Beef Bacon

This meaty, marbled Beef Bacon is cut thick and smoked with minimal nitrates. You'll receive it sliced, in a 1 lb package.
$ 10.99

BEEF Bone Broth Bundle

Includes a variety of beef bones perfect for your bone broth!
$ 15.99

Beef Bacon Cheeseburger Brat

Each of our Quarter Pound Homemade Bratwurst is ground, stuffed and twisted by hand. You'll receive an approximately 1 lb package containing 4 quarter pound brats.
$ 11.99
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